Quick Start


Leopard Chat is a feature rich and configurable chat client for the Conversational AI Platform, Teneo.

It is being used in a number of production deployments and serves as a daily driver for the Sales Engineers at Artificial Solutions.

Teneo is capable of returning rich data along with each response and Leopard leverages these responses to present an interactive chat experience.

Built With

Check List ✅




Extension Helper


Add the Extension Helper groovy script to Teneo Studio as either a resource or to the Global Scripts

Global Variables & Pre-processing Scripts


In Teneo Studio you will want to define a number of global variables and pre-processing scripts

Install Prerequisites

Operating System

Git, Node.js, Vue CLI

Clone Leopard

Operating System

git clone https://github.com/jolzee/leopard-chat-ui-teneo

cd leopard-chat-ui-teneo

Build Variables

Operating System

You can control various build aspects of Leopard through build variables.

Run Leopard

Operating System

npm run serve

Build for Production

Operating System

npm run build

Browser Compatibility 🌍

Vue.js and Vuetify are modern frameworks. Leopard will therefore run fine on Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE11.